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Our Ethos

St. Michael’s Hospital is part of the St. Vincent’s Healthcare Group which also includes St. Vincent’s University Hospital and St. Vincent’s Private Hospital in Elm Park campus, Dublin 4.

At St. Vincent’s Healthcare Group we know that human values are just as important in patient care as are the doctor’s skill, the nurse’s care or the chemist’s drugs. Since our first hospital was founded in 1834 we have always maintained an atmosphere of love and compassion and we are guided by a set of values which ensure that each patient is treated with dignity and respect.

We strive to maintain excellence in clinical care, education and research and will continue to develop our hospitals and the St.Vincent’s Healthcare Group in line with the above principles, and with our responsibilities to the wider Irish healthcare system.

Our concern for others, especially those in need, permeates every aspect of the life and work of our service and we are dedicated to providing the best possible healthcare, drawing on the talents and creativity of all our staff.

Our core values

Human Dignity

We respect the value of human life and the dignity and uniqueness of each person


We accept people as they are, bringing empathy and caring to all


We act with righteousness and integrity that respects the rights of all


We seek excellence in all aspects of care


We speak for the voiceless, acting with and for them to achieve the right quality of care