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New digital display screen for Diabetes Centre waiting area

20th November 2017

Gavin Heffernan, one of our Insulin Pump patients, recently donated an Information Screen to the Diabetes Centre in SMH. Gavin has been a patient of the Centre for almost 18 years and is extremely appreciative of the care and attention which he always receives when attending SMH. Here are some details on our wonderfully generous and special insulin pump patient.

Gavin first came to be known to us back in 2003 when he was just 21 years of age. Getting the “key to the door” was one thing, but being diagnosed with Diabetes meant learning about a whole other key and lock system, an analogy diabetes health professionals use when explaining insulin action to patients. Gavin quickly took to it and even then showed a strong will to overcome obstacles and develop a positive “can do “ approach to  everything he had to learn about his new lifestyle with Diabetes on board.

Gavin started insulin pump therapy with us in 2009 and I can honestly say I think I have learned more from Gavin and how he manages his diabetes and pump than he has probably learned from me over the years!!

He has always inspired us here in the Diabetes Centre with his ability to dig deeper, to get better ways around a device or a challenge in his midst.  Gavin will always go head over heels to help someone out. I personally can vouch for that. During the heavy snow in 2010, I had difficulty travelling into work one day and Gavin, who was in the Diabetes Centre patiently waiting for his appointment with me, even offered to come and tow me!!

When he recently offered to donate this very generous digital signage system which his company make we were so grateful and honoured. Gavin himself says that as a patient, sitting in the waiting area can be a time where great learning can take place. This digital signage  system can be the platform – Gavin has already even suggested a list of topics!

All that is left to say is that we are privileged and honoured to be looking after Gavin since 2003. He is a most generous natured positive human being, and without sounding corny….”Yes, the world is a better place for him being in it”.

We will have to name the system the “Gavin Gogglebox” in his honour!!!!