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Occupational Therapy

The Occupational Therapy (OT) Department provides an inpatient service to patients in St. Michael’s Hospital.

Occupational therapists are involved in the rehabilitation of people with physical, psychological and social problems. The aim of the therapy is to restore functional ability enabling the patient to be as independent as possible in their everyday lives, whilst recovering from illness or adapting to disability.


The occupational therapist works as part of the multi-disciplinary team to provide comprehensive assessment, treatment and discharge planning as well as providing a referral service on to the occupational therapy services in the community.

An occupational therapist has been a member of the cardiac rehabilitation team at St. Michael’s Hospital since this programme was first established in 2001.They have been involved in the area of stress management which includes discussion and education both in groups and individually. Practical relaxation techniques are also taught. Weekly routines and planning activities of daily living are also part of our programme.

We also offer regular occupational therapy input into the pulmonary rehabilitation programme, run on site at St. Michael’s Hospital.


tel:      (01) 663 9893



Ground Floor
St.Michael’s Hospital

Opening Hours

Mon to Fri: 08.30 – 17.00