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Human Resources

Head of Department

Director of HR : Nicola McQuillan


The Human Resources Department provides expert advice and support to management and staff in all aspects of Human Resources Management and plays a key role in strategic planning for St. Michael’s Hospital and SVHG.

The Department is staffed by skilled HR professionals and, through best practice HR polices, promotes a working environment which is conducive to positive employee relations and promotes the personal and professional development of employees. The HR Department strives to meet the needs of a dynamic and constantly changing HR and healthcare environment, including the challenges arising from new services, legislation and the developing information and communication management agenda.

Responsibilities of the HR Department

  • Resourcing and Retention
  • HR Services
  • Employee Relations
  • Learning and Development
  • Medical HR

Resourcing and Retention

Resourcing and Retention of staff involves the recruitment and selection of staff in the organisation (except Nursing Staff). In the case of Nursing staff the recruitment and selection process is managed directly by the Nursing HR Department. It is the aim of the Human Resources Department at St. Michael’s Hospital to source and retain high calibre staff for the organisation who will add value to the Hospital in the future. We strive to recruit develop and retain a skilled, positive and highly motivated staff which will improve the quality of patient care.

HR Services

The HR Department is responsible for the implementation of Hospital policy on terms and conditions of employment e.g. employee remuneration, leave arrangements including sick leave, maternity leave etc. We also provide an advisory and support service to department heads, line managers and staff regarding polices, practice procedures and terms and conditions of employment. The HR Department is also responsible for the maintenance of individual employee files and personnel administration records, both manually and electronically using the NGA Resourcelink Management Information System.

Employee Relations

The HR Department is responsible for providing advice, support and representation to service delivery managers throughout the hospital and for ensuring compliance with national and local agreements regarding Employee Relations matters. It also has responsibility for developing a robust ER/IR architecture and best practice policies designed to create a positive ER climate and enhance communication. St. Michael’s Hospital places a strong emphasis on the effective use of partnership between line managers and staff.

Learning and Development

The HR Department assists in the continued learning and personal development of managers and staff within guidelines of best practice, developments in employee enrichment and organisational objectives. An objective of the HR Department is to develop a learning culture through the promotion of continuous learning and development and to encourage a working environment where learning is shared, applied and evaluated.

The HR Department undertakes to ensure that the Hospital delivers quality training to staff and keeps abreast of current developments in the fields of learning, personal & professional and organisational development which contributes to enhanced service delivery.

Medical HR

The Human Resources Department is responsible for the recruitment and administration of the hospital’s medical staff. It provides advice and support to management and medical staff in all aspects of Medical Human Resources Management.



tel: (01) 663 9886 / (01) 271 3063



The Human Resources Department is located in the administration building, adjacent to the rear entrance to the main hospital building.

Opening Hours

Mon to Fri: 9.00am – 5.00pm