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Chaplaincy / Pastoral Care Department


Chaplaincy at St Michael’s Hospital Dun Laoghaire

Pastoral care is provided at St. Michael’s as part of a holistic multidisciplinary approach to care. This support is available to all patients, families and staff. Spiritual and emotional support that is unique to the individual, is provided with an aim of enabling people to better cope with the challenges and transitions that accompany illness, suffering, debilitation and ageing. Chaplaincy in St Michael’s Hospital is offered in a non-denominational capacity, to people of all faith traditions and none; while also being respectful of a person’s choice to decline chaplaincy support. The hospital chaplain, as a member of the multidisciplinary team promotes sensitivity to patients/family spiritual and cultural issues that may impact treatment. Honouring the value and uniqueness of each person, the core values of dignity, compassion, justice, quality and advocacy are also extended to patients and their families through the chaplaincy service.

Pastoral/Spiritual Care at St Michael’s

  • Does not represent any one religious tradition, but the Hospital Chaplain will be willing to share from their own beliefs and tradition if that is appropriate for the person receiving care e.g. prayer.
  • Is respectful of individual expressions of religious practice or belief and will endeavour to accommodate these within a hospital context e.g. sacraments of Holy Communion and Anointing and observance of significant religious events/celebrations.
  • Includes a ministry of companionship, comfort and support at end of life.
  • Facilitates the personal and communal expressions of grief and bereavement.

Services Provided/Coordinated

  • The Hospital Chaplain maintains links with representatives of various religious traditions and can arrange a visit from a representative of a particular tradition if requested to so.
  • Holy Communion (in the Roman Catholic tradition) is available to patients on request. Please inform the Hospital Chaplain or the nursing staff on your ward to arrange this for you.
  • A remembrance service is held each year to remember and acknowledge the patients and staff who have died/been bereaved in the previous year.

Availability and Contact details

The Hospital Chaplain; Avril Wilson-Rankin is available Monday through Friday and can be contacted via extension 7501 or Bleep #026


The chaplaincy office is located on the First Floor of the Convent Building



tel: (01) 663 9865