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Chaplaincy / Pastoral Care Department

Chaplaincy Team

Fr. Tom Mc Donald.


Our aim is to offer spiritual care and emotional support to patients, families, and staff particularly during times of crisis. To respond to the sacramental and ritual needs of patients, families and staff. To offer a service of hope, support, comfort, compassion and empathy to our patients and family members during the dying process, and to facilitate appropriate expressions of grief. To offer spiritual care as integral members of multi-disciplinary teams, fostering a holistic philosophy and promoting inter professional partnerships. To offer assistance of patients and families in resolving issues that, involve ethical and / or religious values and concerns. To promote sensitivity to patients / family spiritual and cultural issues that impact treatment. Chaplains are involved in the education of staff through induction courses on an ongoing basis. Masses at the Hospital Convent Chapel 10 a.m. daily Sunday to Saturday. 10 a.m. Church Holydays.


Daily in Hospital chapel, Monday to Sunday 10am

Holy Communion to Patients

Holy Communion is distributed daily to all wards of the Hospital after Mass at 10.30a.m.

Contact Details

Ministers from other local churches can be contacted on request at any time. Chaplains are available throughout the hospital during the day and remain on a 24 hour call if required after hours by contact of numbers given below.

Chaplaincy Team.

Fr. Tom Mc Donald, tel: (01) 663 9865, (010 282 0599 after 8p.m.

Parish Office, tel (01) 204 99969



tel: (01) 663 9865