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Welcome to St. Michael’s Hospital catering department

The catering department caters for both patients and staff working at the hospital. Our meals are prepared fresh each day, in our onsite purpose built kitchen. A carefully planned HACCP programme is in place to ensure food quality and food safety is prioritised.

It is our objective to make sure food services meet the individual dietary and nutritional needs of our patients and staff. We aim to make every effort to ensure all meals are prepared to a high standard and presented and served in a friendly and professional manner. However if as a patient/staff at St. Michael’s Hospital you have specific dietary needs or have any queries please do not hesitate to ask the ward/canteen catering personnel.  Alternatively, you may ask to speak to the catering manager/supervisor to discuss any aspect of catering services or your meals in more detail.

Ordering food during your hospital stay

Every morning after breakfast a member of the catering team will take your food order on the same day that it is to be consumed. The menu is given verbally and your choices will be explained fully to you. To help you with this you should receive a patient information leaflet on admission outlining food choices, times of meals and what happens if you should miss a meal, etc.

Allergen information

All the menu recipes have been coded for their allergen content for the 14 allergens. This information is available in the ward or from the ward catering member of staff and this will be provided to patients on request so that they can make appropriate choices from the menu. If a patient needs to avoid other foods, patient catering will be able to advise on appropriate foods on offer.

For your safety, please ensure your bedside table is clean and clear for service of all meals

Ward meal times 

Breakfast from           08.15 – 08.45
Lunch from                 12.15  –  13.15
Snack                            14.30 – 14.45
Tea from                      16.50 –  17.20
Night teas from          20.00 – 21.00

Vending Machines

Vending machines are located on the ground floor – two in the last seating area in the canteen, one of which dispense snacks and bars and the other dispenses hot drinks. A third vending machine is located outside the canteen area on the corridor and this machine dispenses fruit, yoghurts, sandwiches, crackers, biscuits, salads etc.

Further vending machines are located in the outpatients’ area and on the new link corridor.

Guidance for patients and relatives bringing food into hospital: Download PDF

Useful contact information

  • Catering Manager – Kate Grygielewicz
    • (01) 271 3024 / ext 7287
  • Catering Supervisor – Tracy Horan
    • (01) 663 9878 /7145
  • Catering Supervisor – Maeve Miskella
    • (01) 663 9878/ 7145
  • Catering Supervisor – Geraldine Forster
    • (01) 663 9878 /7145
  • Main kitchen
    • Ext   7144

Catering personnel on duty from 18.30 -21.30 may be contacted on bleep 7077





tel: (01) 663 9878


Ground Floor
St. Michael’s Hospital


Opening Hours

Mon – Fri:   07.30 – 18.30
Sat/Sun:     07.30 – 15.00