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Psychological Support During Covid-19 Welcome


We are aware that COVID-19 is a new and challenging event for all of us. It is likely that you and your family will have concerns about your emotional health and well-being as well as your physical health during this time. Looking after yourself and others is important as we all try to work together to cope.

These pages have been designed with the aim of supporting our hospital community; both inpatients and outpatients. We are aware there may be a wide variation of patients and family members seeking support at this time. Some of you may have longstanding health issues and will therefore be considered “vulnerable patients” and “cocooning”. Some of you will be inpatients or outpatients of the hospital having tested positive for COVID-19.

Our aim is to provide the most relevant and helpful information on how best to support your emotional well-being at this time, so your feedback would be much appreciated. We invite you to let us know about any other topics that you might like covered here. If you feel you need more support for your mental health than is available here, contact your GP or medical team to discuss what help is available