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Pelvic Floor Centre


Pelvic Floor Dysfunction is a global term used to describe conditions such as Pelvic Organ prolapse, Faecal or Urinary Incontinence and Chronic Pelvic Pain.
Traditionally these conditions have been treated in isolation by a variety of specialists working independently. The pelvic floor centre at St Michaels is Ireland’s first truly multidisciplinary clinic for the assessment and management of pelvic floor dysfunction. Our internationally trained sub-specialist colorectal Surgeons and Urogynaecologists work as a team, supported by specialist Physiotherapists and Clinical Nurse Specialists, with extensive experience in the area of pelvic floor dysfunction.
This team facilitates rapid diagnosis and ensures all aspects of a patient’s pelvic floor dysfunction are addressed and managed appropriately. The centre provides state of the art diagnostic technology, and offers the full range of conservative medical and surgical therapies to manage these often distressing and embarrassing conditions.
Pelvic Organ Prolapse is the herniation or bulging of the pelvic organs such as the uterus, bladder or bowel beyond the vaginal walls. It is a very common condition. Many women with prolapse experience symptoms that impact daily activities such as toileting, sexual function and exercise.
Faecal Incontinence is one of the most devastating of all physical disabilities, since it affects self-confidence and personal image, and can lead to social isolation.
Urinary symptoms such as Urinary Incontinence, urgency, frequency or bladder pain are extremely common symptoms which may exist in isolation or in combination. Leaking urine is never a normal or expected result of ageing or having children, and you should not just “learn to live with it”. In most cases, treatments are available to reduce or eliminate leaking.

Contact Details 







Consultant Colorectal SurgeonMs Ann Hanly
Consultant UrogynaecologistDr Gerry Agnew
Associate SpecialistDr Myra Fitzpatrick
Chartered PhysiotherapistLesley-Anne Ross
Chartered PhysiotherapistLeah Byrans
Clinical Nurse Manager IAnne McDonald
Staff NurseLeah Turnly
OPD SupervisorSharon Cole


Specific services provided by the Department:

  • Patient education and support.
  • Outpatient clinics and services.
  • Urodynamics.
  • Anal Manometry and Endoanal Ultrasound.
  • Physiotherapy including biofeedback.
  • Minor procedures in outpatient department.
  • Full range of surgical services in main theatre under general or regional anaesthesia.


The Pelvic Floor Centre is located on the Lower Ground Floor of the main Hospital, beside the Outpatients Department.

Opening Hours


08.00am – 1.00pm


08.00am – 5.00pm