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Patient information: Leaflets

The Pelvic Floor Centre has designed a comprehensive range of patient information leaflets to help patients understand pelvic floor issues.

Each leaflet contains valuable information on pelvic floor problems and supports patients in dealing with issues and how to seek help.

  1. Introduction to the Pelvic Floor Centre

    Introduces the Pelvic Floor Centre team and the range of treatments.

  2. Taking Control of your bladder – Getting started

    Recommendations for better bladder control.

  3. Bladder / Bowel diary

    Track fluid and food intake and toileting habits for a period to have a better idea of the issues before meeting the Pelvic Floor Centre team.

  4. How to protect your pelvic floor when coughing

    Effective chest clearance technique and breathing patterns to help protect your pelvic floor when you cough.

  5. Your pelvic floor exercise programme

    Education to build awareness of the pelvic floor and specific exercise programmes.

  6. Pelvic organ prolapse

    Different types of prolapses and their symptoms and guidelines on managing a prolapse.

  7. Bowel advice

    What to expect from your bowel and recommendations for managing bowel symptoms as well as introducing correct defaecation positions.

  8. High fibre diet

    Goals of a high fibre diet and recommended foods and a meal plan.

  9. Low fibre diet

    Goals of a low fibre diet and recommended foods and a meal plan.

  10. Gas

    Foods to avoid and the importance of eating, drinking and exercising.

  11. Anal sphincter muscle control

    Exercises for the anal sphincter muscle.

  12. Pelvic floor advice and exercises for men

    Bladder and bowel advice and pelvic floor muscle exercises specifically for men.

  13. Preparing for your surgery

    Recommendations that need to be made prior to surgery as well as on the day of surgery and post operation.

  14. Pelvic floor surgery – Post operative instructions

    Guidelines for optimising your recovery post pelvic floor surgery.