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Conditions and Services

Conditions managed at the Pelvic Floor Centre:

1) Urinary incontinence and urgency

Involuntary loss of urine or increased sensation of needing to pass urine.

2) Faecal incontinence and urgency

Involuntary loss of faeces or increased urgency to pass a bowel motion

3) Pelvic organ prolapse

The descent of one or more pelvic organs. This may involve the bladder, uterus or bowel and can be mild, moderate or severe.

4) Obstructive defaecation syndrome

Incomplete evacuation or difficulty in passing a bowel motion.

Specific services provided by the Pelvic Floor Centre

  • Patient education and support
  • Outpatient clinics and services
  • Conservative Management/ Behavioural therapy
  • Specialised tests including: Urodynamics / Anal Manometry / Endoanal Ultrasound / Defaecating proctograms (off site at St. Vincent’s Hospital)
  • Specialist physiotherapy including biofeedback (referrals only accepted from clinic consultants)
  • Rectal irrigation
  • Pessary fitting
  • Percutaneous Tibial Nerve Stimulation (PTNS)
  • Sacral Nerve Stimulation (SNS)
  • Medical management
  • Minor procedures in outpatient department
  • Full range of surgical services in main theatre under general or regional anaesthesia