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Diabetes Unit

Head of Department:
Prof. Malachi McKenna, Consultant Endocrinologist

Newly Diagnosed Patient-Nurse-led education

Since March 2010, we have been running a new service for newly-diagnosed diabetes patients that encompasses two stages:
(1) initial patient assessment and education sessions in the Diabetes Day Centre that are scheduled promptly, and
(2) an out-patient clinic appointment that is scheduled routinely. Patients with symptomatic hyperglycaemia are identified for immediate medical assessment. Patients with pre-diabetes will be assessed by the Dietitian, with ongoing GP review recommended.

This new service has been most beneficial to the patient in a number of ways. They see the diabetes nurse and the Dietitian, the patient’s anxiety level is decreased through information they receive, and they leave the Diabetes Day Centre capable of monitoring their blood glucose, safe in the knowledge they can contact the centre by phone if needed, while waiting for their out-patient appointment. Furthermore, when the patient attends for their first outpatient appointment, Professor McKenna is in a position to assess response to lifestyle measures.

Services Provided

  • Learning area for Higher Diploma students undertaking Higher Diploma In diabetes Nursing (UCD)
  • Patient education for Type 1 and Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus
  • Weekly out-patient clinics including dedicated Type 1 clinic
  • Insulin Pump starts
  • Monthly insulin pump clinic
  • Nurse led visit for newly diagnosed patients with diabetes mellitus
  • Ongoing Dietetic education and support for patients with Diabetes Mellitus
  • Crisis management for patients experiencing self-management problems
  • Walk in service to all patients Monday – Friday
  • Detailed foot assessment and fast track referral to Podiatry/Wound care as appropriate
  • Ongoing support and education for existing patients and their carers and families
  • Education service to the greater community eg. Surrounding nursing homes and public health nurses and carers through the provision of Category 1 approved An Bord Altranais study days.
  • In house doctor, nurse and carer training
  • Nurse prescribing
  • 24 Hour Blood pressure monitoring
  • Ongoing monitoring of in house patients with Diabetes Mellitus
  • Weekly refresher/intensification of inpatient experiencing difficulty in self-management of Diabetes Mellitus (St. Josephs Ward SMH).
  • Weekly Endocrinology clinic Tuesdays mornings

Contact details

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Diabetes Centre

01 6639822


01 6639823

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Ber Lynch

Nurse Manager

Ann Fitzpatrick

Diabetes Nurse Specialist

Lynn Fitzsimons

Diabetes Nurse CNM1


Aoife O’Kelly


Paula Carroll

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Opening Hours
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Monday – Thursday

8:00am – 6:00pm


8:00am – 5:00pm

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We receive referrals from GP’s, other hospitals, in house from other disciplines.

Please click HERE for our Referral form.