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The Department of Pathology in St. Michael’s Hospital consists of a Biochemistry Department, a Haematology Department and a Phlebotomy Department. The laboratory works in close collaboration with St. Vincent’s University Hospital. Blood transfusion, microbiology and histology services are provided by St. Vincent’s University Hospital.


  • Biochemistry (on-site)
  • Haematology (on-site)
  • Microbiology, histology and blood transfusion (refer to St. Vincent’s University Hospital).
  • Access to phlebotomy is restricted to patients ages 14 years and over.
  • Samples from GPs are transported at regular intervals up to 3.30 pm to SVUH for analysis.

Useful contact information

  • Chief Medical Scientist – Fiona Donohue
  •  Phlebotomy Appointments – Jacqueline McBrien and Pam Taylor
    • (01) 663 9871
  • Director of Pathology – Dr. Liam Smyth
  • Consultant Haematologist – Dr. Liam Smyth
  • Consultant Microbiologist – Dr. Sinead Mc Dermott
  • Phlebotomist – Karen Lambert
  • Haemovilgance Officer and Anticoagulant Nurse – Kate Strathern

Useful links

User Handbook:  Download PDF


The laboratory is situated on either side of the corridor leading from the main door in the hospital.

The Phlebotomy Department is located on the right beside the main entrance to the hospital.

Opening Hours

Hospital patients
Mon to Fri: 09.00– 17.00
Sat:               09.00– 13.00
Sun:              10.00– 13.00

Phlebotomy (by appointment)
Mon to Thu: 08.00- 16.00
Fri:                 11.00 – 16.00

Please note clinic is closed 1-2pm