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Speech and Language Therapy

The Department of Speech and Language Therapy provides a service for both inpatients and outpatients.  The department is part of the St. Vincent’s University Hospital speech and language therapy department.


Our work involves the assessment, diagnosis and management of swallowing, communication and voice difficulties. Our services are available to those who:

  • are currently in–patients in the hospital
  • reside in our catchment area and wish to attend our out-patient clinic
  • are currently attending a consultant in the hospital

The main conditions that may require a referral to our service are stroke, brain injury, various kinds of dementia, any neurological disorder such as Parkinson’s disease as well as many others. Others conditions may include respiratory problems, such as an infection or COPD or any voice disorder.

Our objectives:

  1. To assess and diagnose – using an appropriate and variety of means – a person’s communication and swallow function
  2. To provide them with whatever tests required to get a good understanding of their individual complaint and how best to treat it
  3. To act as a team member with all other hospital staff to achieve the best possible results for the patient and their family. To refer onto other disciplines as required
  4. To use a range of therapy models to achieve the best outcome
  5. Where appropriate, to have close links and help educate family members in the management of the person’s difficulty
  6. To contribute to education in the hospital of all those involved in the management of communication and swallow difficulties
  7. To advocate for those with communication impairments


  • Patients are referred to us by the St. Michael’s Hospital teams and written referral is required.
  • We also accept GP referral from within the catchment area.
  • A person may also contact us if they have attended previously and wish to be seen again
  • Nursing home referrals are accepted for those who have attended previously
  • We also provide access to specialised clinics in St. Vincent’s University Hospital for swallow and voice assessment.
  • We can fast-track patients based on our assessments here in St. Michael’s Hospital.


  • A twice weekly videofluoroscopy clinic is held in the X-ray department in St. Vincent’s Univesity Hospital to assess swallow function.
  • These clinics take place every Wednesday morning at 09.00 and Friday at 11.00
  •  There is also a thrice-weekly digital stroboscopy clinic which is held in the outpatient department in conjunction with the ENT team every Tuesday, Thursday and Friday morning.
  • This is to assess patients with voice disorders. St. Michael’s Hospitals patients can access these clinics having being assessed by the speech and language therapist here in St. Michael’s Hospital.

Useful contact information

  • St. Vincent’s University Hospital Speech and Language Therapy Department
    • tel: (01) 277 4859
    • fax:(01) 221 3454
    • web:
  • St. Michaels Hospital
    • tel: (01) 663 9891


tel: (01) 663 9891

Opening Hours

Mon-Fri: 08.00 –17.00