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Children First staff presentation

5th July 2018

Photo of Barbara Cullinan (HSE), Ann Donohoe (St. Michael's Hospital)

(l-r) Barbara Cullinan (HSE), Ann Donohoe (St. Michael’s Hospital)

Children First is the term used to encompass a number of areas within child protection in Ireland:

  • the principle that children must be protected,
  • the framework and legislation surrounding that principle,
  • the implementation of that principle by organisations and individuals.

Child protection is everyone’s responsibility. However, those working in the healthcare sector have particular obligations, even if they don’t work directly with children.

Today Barbara Cullinan from the HSE’s Children First National Office gave a presentation to our staff on their roles and responsibilities under the legislation.

To find out more about Children First, take a look at the HSE’s Children First page, or visit the website of TUSLA, the Child and Family Agency.